Breyerfest 2001: Auction Models

Two auctions actually - most of these are for Saturday night. The ones at the end of the page were offered at silent auction, which closes Sunday around noon.

Click on the thumbnails for larger pix.

Silvery-grey Big Ben - $1625
Brindle TB Mare $775
"Carpe Noctis", a TR companion to Carpe Diem. This pic doesn't show the color that well, but he is nice, with dark blue/purple along his topside, and shades of sunset along his belly. $1000
Palomino Clydesdale Stallion $900
Pinto CWP. (Looks familiar, I think there was a similar one last year.) $700
Set of 4 Fanfares $1700
Glossy bay appy Foxtrotter, with the Breyer 50th Anniversary logo in blue on his butt (like the Fanfares have). Gold and purple ribbons. $1000
Dk brown Gem Twist, with a checkerboard pattern (glossy) on his butt. $1175
Checkerbutt up close :)
Silvery grey Huck $1100
Dun Indian Pony (this seems familiar too)... $2100
Dapple grey Justin Morgan $700
Soft red roan pinto Lady Phase with Coon Tail $900
Soft silvery-grey Mustang $1450
Part of a set - Proud Arab Foal in Wedgewood blue pinto $1300
Part of a set - Proud Arab Mare in Wedgewood blue pinto, goes with foal above. $1300 (set)
"When Pigs Fly". Yes, a pig with wings. $750
Black pinto Cigar $850
The Poet - glossy porcelain drafter $800
Glossy rainbow Mosaic $1500
Soft blue roan pinto San Domingo $1200
Buckskin pinto Sham $875
Glossy "Silver Bay" ASB $1750
Silver Fox (Sunday Raffle model) $1300
Silver Twilight (tour horse raffle model) $1300
Siren (Sat. raffle model) $1350
Skullduggery, with purple/gren metallic sheen $2500
Champagne TWH $700
Lilac Dun Wixom $850
Glossy caramel pinto Zippo Pine Bar $1200
Silent Auction Lot - Dapple bay Pinto PAM
Silent Auction Lot - Wedgewood Blue Ram
Silent Auction Lot - "Jangles", metallic gold Misty
Silent Auction Lot - glossy rainbow classic mustang
Silent Auction Lot - Smutty palomino Lady Phase