Breyerfest 2001, Day 1

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It wouldn't be a proper trip without airplane pix... well, this isn't of a plane, but from a plane. The stormy skies on the way to Lexington were really gorgeous. Photos don't do it justice.
Downtown Lexington seen from a parking garage. The big building in the back right is Heritage Hall. You can also clearly see the Hyatt off to the left, and the Victorian Square shops on the right.
Breyer laid out a really nice buffet for this year's reception. Lotsa fruit, crackers, cheese, rolls and turkey, free juice and tea, and a cash bar.
Pal O Mine!
Appropos really does look nicer in person than in the pix. I may be changing my mind about getting one...
Charmer, on the other hand, looks much more washed out than his JAH pix. Now that I've seen him, I'm reconsidering whether to get one on ebay...
Breyer said they are considering doing bronzes, and had several samples of Huck in bronze. Cool!
Another Huck bronze.
And another.
The surprise tent special turns out to be a classic racehorse set. There's a palomino Kelso, a Terrang in a weird rose grey with confetti-like spots, and a metallic bay Man O' War (see next pic).
The metallic bay Man O' War. Oughta make a great Akhal Teke! Hope I can get a set of these.
Shadow of Blue, another tent special.
Silver Fox, the Sunday raffle horse, really does look much better in person than the photos on breyer's site. He's kinda a chocolately color with silvery mane/tail. Yummy!
A closeup of Skullduggery's head.
Another look at Skullduggery, the Halloween special.
Valentino, a tent special, and Gold Coast (I think), the palomino Marabella fall show special
The glossy bay Wixom - Saturday raffle horse.
Blue Lace Agate, the Stone Horses breakfast model.
Judge Judy, a really nice black pinto on the new Stone pony mold. Very matte. I may have to get one.
The Stone raffle pony... a light golden pony with what looks like woodgraining across his body. Cool!
Cass o Nova, the THHN SR. Glad I ordered one. He's VERY matte, and very lovely!
Headshot of Cass o Nova
The Artisans Gallery at the Holiday Inn North
A Lipizzanner resin by Tracie Caller
Pretty appy Tenorio painted by Julie Kuiper
Resins by Randy table
more Resins by Randy
Lisa Rivera was getting lots of business
Moonlight Sonata 2, from the Desert Artisans
Tara and Tawney, from the Desert Artisans
Tom Bainbridge painting away!
One of Tom's lovely horses
More of Tom's horses