Breyerfest 2001: Day at the Horse Park

I don't think we could have asked for better weather. It wasn't too hot - mid 80's or so - and there was a really nice cool breeze going. It did feel a bit uncomfortable to me out in the sun, but any shady spot offered immediate relief.

I felt the numbered special tickets this year at the Breyer tent worked really quite well; they lined everyone up in numeric order, so people couldn't cut. You got in line wherever your number was - and of course they drew a number to be the new "start" of the line. My particular time had a start # of like 241 or so, and I think there were 350 tix per hour. I had ticket #58, so was a ways back, but I still got the sets I wanted - a glossy Valentino and the classic racehorses. Valentino and the bull seemed to be the most popular.

Here are some pix around the park. (click on the thumbnail for a larger pic)

Hard to describe the expression on this guy's face. He was watching me, not interested or disinterested... perhaps it's a look of resignation. Poor guy.
The Breyer Tent. Yeah, I can see why they'd evacuate it in the event of thunderstorms. Looks like quite a lightning rod...