Breyerfest 2001: New SR's

Click on the thumbnails for larger pix.

Great Spirits, JCP SR pinto Marabella and foal.
Dakota, JCP SR Rocky Mountain Horse (resin)
JCP Riding Academy set
Toys R' Us Pacer in golden metallic palomino with dark brown legs
DROOOOL. TRU 5-gaiter in glossy bay. Must have...
TRU "Reflections" set - dapple grey Cigar and matching dapple grey stablemate TB.
Sham Unicorn - cant recall now if this was sears or JCP.
Cloud, the mid-year release fighting stallion, isn't the solid cream color he's depicted as in the latest JAH. Much more white with light creamy shading. Nice!Q
Jingles, the xmas SR. comes with sleigh.