Wednesday July 26, 2000: Day 1

I arrived in Lexington this afternoon. Got stuck in some dreadful traffic on Newtown Pike on the way to the hotel, but it was just a mile or so. I've been through worse in Dallas... :)

There weren't really any events today, just room sales at the Holiday Inn. There weren't many rooms open yet, and weren't many buyers yet either. I think Wednesday is just too dead on non-NAN years.

But, I did take some nice pictures in the rooms. If you couldn't make it in person, here's a photo tour.

Here's a huge hallway decoration for Jane Tilton's Black Horse Studio.

These next four are all from the Horsing Around room: 1) the Bronin Welsh Cob resins by Linda York

2) "Scandalous Jack" resins

3) A very cute wire haired fox terrier.

4) ...and some cute kitties :)

Deb and Randy Buckler's room was full of goodies, including this delicious fellow: Tenorio, by Kristina Lucas. I didn't make it out of the room without buying one to paint. I also got a cute little etched stablemate, done by Deb & Randy's daughter (Melissa, I believe her name is).

Lynn Milam hard at work! (the table in front of her is Lori Daniels', showing some of Lori's works-in-progress)

This is what most rooms in the HIN look like - shelves and shelves full of OF's for sale! Eek! This room is Cheryl Greene & Marianne Prindle's.

Want some decorators? Walkabout Farm had these two:

Walkabout also had this wall of stablemates!

Oodles of carriages, carts, plows, and stuff from D&H Custom Designs.

A 3-mule hitch and... well, I'm not sure what sort of farm equipment that is, but it looks neat. Also by D&H.

Apparently the HIN didn't outlaw signage. Or if they did, it was futile. :) I expect the walls to be completely plastered by tomorrow evening...

Julie Bullock (right) and Mary Chrusciel (left). I had a nice chat with them; Julie's busy finishing up horses. And this is Mary's first BFest. woohoo!

That's all for tonight. I'll have more tomorrow. I'm planning on visiting the Kentucky Horse Center in the morning - have never seen that, so it should be cool. I also hope to get some pix of the various painted ponies around Lexington. And of course, room sales should be in full swing tomorrow night! Stay tuned!

-- J. Kira Hamilton (

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