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BreyerFest® is an annual model horse exposition held at the Kentucky Horse Park in July in Lexington, Kentucky. Hosted by Breyer, BreyerFest is the biggest model horse event of the year. Thousands of model collectors, artists, and exhibitors converge on the horse park and the host hotel (the Clarion Hotel Lexington North) for nearly a week of model horse related events.

BreyerFest 2017: Gateway to India

The 28th annual BreyerFest!
July 14-16, 2017 • Kentucky Horse Park

This year's mobile app for BreyerFest will be available in March. Check back then!

Past BreyerFests:

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BreyerFest Special Run Models

Every year, Breyer Models offers a handful of limited edition "special run" models for purchase by BreyerFest attendees. Most of the special runs are limited to between 700 and 1500 models, although some are produced in smaller numbers. There are also the coveted "Volunteer/Judge's Models" (about 25 produced), and the one-of-a-kind "Test Run" models offered at the BreyerFest Auction.

If you missed BreyerFest, or just want to pick up one of these special runs for your own collection, the best way to find them is on eBay. Here are some of the current listings:

Breyer Whizards Baby Doll "ROXY"!!! 2009 Breyerfest Celebration Model!!!
$45.00 (1 bid)
Ends May 22nd at 10:48 pm (12 hours and 26 minutes from now)
Breyer Horse Breyerfest 2010 Tinseltown
Ends May 22nd at 11:31 am (1 hour and 9 minutes from now)
Breyer Bonne Fete 2014 BreyerFest SR Appaloosa Carrick Special Run 711183
Ends May 22nd at 9:07 pm (10 hours and 45 minutes from now)
Breyer Pop the Cork Bay Matte Nakota Breyerfest 2014 Special Run Surprise Model
Ends May 22nd at 9:07 pm (10 hours and 45 minutes from now)
Breyerfest Smart and Shiney, 2013 Celebration Model Quarter Horse Stallion
Ends May 23rd at 12:29 am (14 hours and 8 minutes from now)
Breyer BreyerFest 2012 celebration horse Mariah's Boon new in box nib extras
Ends May 23rd at 9:44 am (23 hours and 23 minutes from now)
Breyer * Dances with Wolves *711118 Breyerfest Porcelain Traditional Model Horse
$76.00 (24 bids)
Ends May 22nd at 7:04 pm (8 hours and 42 minutes from now)
Breyerfest BF SR Star Studded Silver Glossy
Ends June 8th at 7:07 am (16 days and 21 hours from now)
Breyer SR 2007 Breyerfest Volunteer Model "BLUE GRASS" !!! One of only 125 made.
Ends May 22nd at 10:48 pm (12 hours and 26 minutes from now)
Breyer Rugged Painted Lark Breyerfest Celebration Model 2007 Bay Pinto 711107
$35.99 (1 bid)
Ends May 22nd at 9:00 pm (10 hours and 39 minutes from now)

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