Photo Album

This is a collection of photos from Breyerfest '98, taken by (J. Kira Hamilton). I took these photos with a digital camcorder; I've saved about 75 different pictures here, and each image is about 20-25K in size, so I've split the photos into different pages, based on their subject matter.

  1. The Artisan's Showcase. Pix of models by Tom Bainbridge, D'arry Joan Frank, Carrie Sapp, and several others.
  2. The Kentucky Horse Park. Bronzes around the park. Miniature horses. GaWaNi Pony Boy.
  3. Breyerfest Pix. Pix from the Breyer Booth. Keychains, Shannon, xmas SR previews.
  4. Real Horses at the KHP. Sacred Indian, Rejoice, Faithful Dun It, John Henry
  5. The Museum of the Horse. Pix of various displays, including shots of some Eustis drafter models.
  6. Auction models. 11 pix of these. Auction results
  7. Breakfast at Keeneland. Pix of the morning workouts, plus Holy Bull and Affirmed (we visited Jonabell Farm where those two are standing at stud).
All in all it was a really nice 'fest. The weather was just wonderful - 82-84 degrees for a high each day. I didn't take any pix of the room-running at the Holiday Inn - thought about it, but they really couldn't convey the feeling of wandering the HI's long hallways looking in every other room at models.

Since I'm a fan of customs, the Artisan's Showcase was the best part, but it just wasn't all that big - lots of empty tables. Perhaps next year there'll be more, with NAN being there at the same time.

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