The Auction Models!

Auction Results

Morgan, CWP, black dapple mustang.

Blue ASB, dun QH.

Glossy smoke hackney; bay blanket app jumper.

Buckskin sham, pinto bull

Caramel chestnut Roemer. I bid on, and won, this guy, much to my amazement - I got him for $450. IMHO he was one of the nicest ones there, I 'm surprised he didn't go for a lot more (I could only afford up to $500 or so, so wasn't honestly expecting to get an auction horse). Quite a pleasant surprise.

Another pic of my chestnut Roemer guy, after the auction.

Pinto running stallion & foal. They had the stallion lying down so he wouldn't fall, but I couldn't get decent pix of him.

Gray grazing mare, snowflake QH

Glossy red roan Man-O-War; blue roan PAM is behind him. The PAM is the same color as the Moonshadows SR 5-gaiter from a few years back - really pretty. She went for $675.

Bay Sherman Morgan; bay pinto ASB.

Grey clydesdale stallion.

Pinto copenhagen blue Yellow Mount. They had rather a few decorators in the auction this year.

Dun Lady Phase. She's a real beauty; she sold for $2500.

I didn't get any good pix of the rose grey Rejoice model, but she's also gorgeous. She was the 2nd high seller too, for $2600. Full results of the auction are here.

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