The "Breakfast at Keeneland" Tour, Sunday July 26

This was actually my 2nd time to take this tour. It was ok; the track food was actually quite good, better than what I had at the Holiday Inn, anyway. Not sure if I will take the tour again though, but I recommend it if you've never gone.

Morning workouts at Keeneland.

More of the same.

More workouts.

This is Holy Bull, standing at Jonabell farm, the place our group visited. He's a really pretty horse, and an unusual color too - going grey, with black m/t/points, but his body has fleabits/speckles all over, and there's some dappling on his hindquarters.

Holy Bull again.

Head shot of Holy Bull.


Affirmed again. Pretty good-looking for a 23-year-old. They told us his stud fee is $25,000 (!), and that they breed him to 100 mares a year.

Head shot of Affirmed.

The stallion barn at Jonabell. All made of heavy-duty concrete brick, to reduce fire hazard. I didn't hear how large the stalls were, but they look to be a good 20 feet on a side.... BIG.

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