Thursday July 27, 2000: Wrapping Up Day 2

I didn't take as many pix tonight as I thought I would; it was much more crowded at the Holiday Inn, and I was feeling tired and depressed. But, I did get some pix.

The Peter Stone Equilith reception started at 6:30, and there was a long line out the HIN ballroom door. I'm not an Equilith subscriber tho, and didn't go.

Here's the door into Tom B's room just after 7pm. There were probably 20 people or so waiting around outside before he opened, and once the doors opened it was packed. I didn't bother trying to get in, but I did come back later and get pix of these two guys who are being auctioned off: (below)

Here are some other of Tom's customs (at least, I think they're his - they were in his room but I know he's sharing a room with some folks.)

Half of the "Set in Stone" class of the Equilith Awards. Huge class.

The other half of the class. My Dozen Roses is the one obscured in the very back left. :(

A bunch of pretty resins by D'Arry Jone Frank. I ended up buying one of her minis (not in this pic), just cuz he was an irresistable color... sorta creamy-chocolatey dappled. Yum. I'm sorely tempted by the cantering TB (seen in this pic), too... hmmm....

Lest you get the wrong idea, BF is actually overwhelmed by OF's for the most part. I just haven't photo'ed very many of them because they all start to look the same after a while, and I'm not much of an OF collector. :)

Tomorrow: the horse park! BF Specials! Swap Meet and Auction! I hope I survive the weekend...


-- J. Kira Hamilton (

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