Friday July 28, 2000: Swap Meet and Peter Stone Auction

Well, after my last report I got a quick nap before heading over to the Holiday Inn for tonight's events. Not sure how many people know this, but I organized the very first Swap Meet, I believe it was back in 1995. Since I didn't go in '96, it looked like it might not happen, but then Ron & Sheri Lewis took up the task and have been organizing and running it ever since. I think they're doing a great job and am glad they've continued the tradition - the swap meet is obviously very popular!

Anyway, Ron & Sheri always let me in early to look around, and I do. :) Here's a shot of people setting up for the Swap Meet in the HIN ballroom.

Here's a pic after the meet opened. Hello, shoppers! The one bad thing about the swap meet is, there are always too many people and not enough room to walk! Often you'll end up waiting several minutes to move along the row.

Here are some nifty Shelves by Gentack Equestrian. What I thought was neat about these was you could mount them using standard shelving brackets. There were also some fancier mantle-like versions. I may order some of these myself, as I'm running out of builtin shelf space for my models at home.

Here's a barn made by the same folks. It splits into 3 pieces (stalls and centerline). Also very neat!

A neat Arabian Costume by Robin E. Zack (White Horse Creations).

For those who've not seen him, here's a photo of Rain God, the recent PS SR painted by Laurie Jensen. She had 20 or so left to paint at the factory and was taking orders for them here. I didn't get one (thought about it tho).

This year part of the Ballroom was taken over by the Peter Stone stuff - the PS auction was held there tonight. Here are some pix of most of the lots, plus the full results.

1 - "Blue-Eyed Wonder" - matte Blonde Pinto Clyde - $320
2 - "Cinnabeast Frost" - glossy Cinnamon Frost Clyde painted by Wendy Galbreath - $500
3 - "Don't Call Me Tang" - Glossy Drippy Caramel Standing Drafter - $600
4 - "Bentley" - Glossy dk. dapple grey TR for Percheron Assoc. SR - $475
5 - "Amethyst In Winter" - Glossy Purple Pinto Standing Drafter - $475
6 - "Rocky Roadblock" - Glossy Dapple Bay Sabino Standing Drafter, painted by D'Arry Jone Frank - $825
7 - "Peach Schnapps" - Matte Lt Dun Pinto WP painted by Wendy Galbreath - $310
8 - "Lockness in Winter" - Matte Dapple Dun WP painted by Tom Bainbridge - $360
9 - "Eldora Blue" - Glossy Eldora pattern ISH painted in blue by Karen Gerhardt - $400
10 - "Autumn Rose" - Glossy Dapple Rose Grey ISH painted by Karen Gerdhardt - $435
11 - "Platinum Ice" - Glossy Silver Grulla Pinto ISH painted by Laurie Jensen - $635
12 - "Sunshine on Kentucky" - Glossy Coppery pinto ISH painted by Elaine Stone - $375
13 - "Renaissance Man" - Glossy Marbled ISH - $510
14 - "Platinum Blonde" - Glossy lt. cream/pinto ISH - $475
15 - "Mohican California-style" - Glossy Bay pintaloosa ISH painted by Laurie Jensen, with handmade Indian costume made by Jessica Swaney of Lady Redhawk Creations - $1625 (highest lot in the auction)
16 - "Cape Rear" - Matte Red dun variation of the Great Lakes congress SR, with the pinto markings of the lakes on his rump (instead of his barrel). $310
17 - "Soho" - Glossy Coho pattern on the Morgan, painted by Laurie Jensen - $335
18 - "Mocha Dream" - glossy dapple chocolate dun perf. horse - $300
19 - "Mexican Ice Cream" - Glossy cinnamon frost perf. horse, painted by Wendy Galbreath - $410
20 - "Tidy Bowl Man" - Glossy metallic blue dapple perf. horse, painted by Laurie Jensen - $500
21 - "Stolen Moment" - glossy dapple bay tobiano Pintabian, painted by D'Arry Jone Frank - $1200
22 - "The Black Stallion" - black arabian (only 90 made), signed by Walter Farley's son Stephen Farley - $485
23 - "Montana" - matte bay blanket appy ISH, painted by Carol Williams - $750
24 - "Squeak" - Glossy sooty dapple buckskin tobiano arabian, painted by Sarah M. - $1150
25 - "Sweet Sunore" - Glossy leopard appy ISH painted by Laurie Jensen - $900
26 - "Volcano Burst" - Old-style matte red roan arabian, painted by Laurie Jensen - $700
27 - "Breathless" - matte dapple rose gray arabian painted by Sarah Minkiewicz - $1000
28 - "Lapis Al-Fayed" - glossy blue and white pinto arabian painted by Laurie Jensen - $875

A close-up of lot 27 "Breathless" by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breuing.

A close-up of lot 24, also by Sarah.

There was also a Breyer reception at the HIN, which consisted of them wheeling out a large fake cake, out of which sprung their goofy new mascot, "Pal O Mine". After that they served real cake to everyone hanging around. They also handed out collectors' cards for Leah's Fancy Chick.

That's all for today. Tomorrow is the Peter Stone Breakfast and Equilith Awards, and of course the BF raffle, auction and dinner . I'll have full auction results for that, and hope to get pix of all those too.

-- J. Kira Hamilton (

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