Saturday July 29, 2000: It's A Wrap!

Well, actually the fest isn't over until tomorrow, but this'll be my last report. The BF auction was tonight, and you can check out the full results here. The auction was quite a lot of fun; it's always neat listening to the auctioneer, and his spotters are a riot. I think they have the same crew in each year (at least, these guys look familiar to me). Oh, and tonight the added amusement of Pal O' Mine dancing a jig to the auctioneer's chant was a real riot. I laughed lots. :)

The Showboat raffle model, as expected, was the highest lot, fetching $2650. Surprisingly though, the Sunday raffle model Dun Smokin' only brought $900. Not sure if people were just waiting to see if they'd win one anyway, or what.

The Dapple Grey Overo TB was the 2nd high lot, at $2500. Argh! I really wanted him, and even bid all the way up to $2200, but I just couldn't go any further. I guess I'm not prepared to pay that much for one horse...

3rd highest was the Bay Snowflake Appy Indian Pony, at $2100. Those were the only 3 lots over $2000. Everything else seemed to hover right around $1000, which seemed unusual... selling prices for everything seemed, on average, higher this year, although some lots that I would have expected to go for a lot more, didn't. Examples: "Adonis", a Big Ben mold painted in similar fashion to Champagne Toast, with a gold undercoat and chestnut over, only went for $850. Then there was a pretty bay/grey Sham for only $750, and a Red Roan Huck for $850. What amazed me even more was that people maid MORE for the gold bull and the fruity zebra! A strange auction, indeed.

I did come away with one horse, the dapple buckskin Roemer. I dunno what it is about Roemer with me. He's not all that attractive... his face looks funny, his body surface is all lumpy, and his legs are all bowed and stuff. But I bought a dappled caramel Roemer at the auction 2 years ago, and so when I saw this guy, I just thought... hey, he'd make a nice bro' to my other Roemer TR :) I guess I just have a soft spot for them. Anyway, that's the only one I got, though I did bid on a few others that looked like they were going to be getting away for a song...

Tomorrow there's one final event, the raffle of the Dun Smokin model. Were it not for that, I'd be outta here on an early plane, but I changed my plans just for a chance at that guy. He's lovely. Hope I win one.

It's been fun, but I'm tired and ready to be home. Hope you've enjoyed the reports and pix from BreyerFest, and I hope you can make it next year to experience all the fun yourself :)


-- J. Kira Hamilton (

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