BreyerFest 2011 - BF Live Show Prizes:

Live show prize models awarded to division and overall champions at BreyerFest Live:

The Final Connoisseurs:

Swirling Sky and Grand Finale, the final models in the connoisseur line.

New resins from Breyer:

I believe all of these will be offered as painted models; I didn't get details on them.

Fall/Winter Releases:

Various fall/winter releases:

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BreyerFest 2011 Models on eBay

Breyerfest 2011 #711127 Aurora Porcelain Unicorn
Ends June 25th at 5:14 pm (8 days and 17 hours from now)
Breyer *Breyerfest 2011* Rare Spun Gold Surprise Special Run (711134)--MINT
Ends July 11th at 3:48 pm (24 days and 16 hours from now)
Breyer horse, Breyerfest BF 2011 Spun Gold Surprise, pinto, paint, traditional
Ends July 16th at 3:55 pm (29 days and 16 hours from now)
Breyer~Breyerfest 2011~SPUN GOLD Surprise Horse~METALLIC CHAMPAGNE~Ethereal Mold
Ends June 25th at 10:43 pm (8 days and 23 hours from now)
Breyerfest Stablemates Flora Breyerfest SR 2011
Ends July 9th at 9:59 pm (22 days and 22 hours from now)
Breyer Jasmine Weathergirl 711132 Arabian Mare 2011 Breyerfest SR with ribbons
Ends July 12th at 12:18 pm (25 days and 12 hours from now)
Breyerfest Special Run 2011 Gruff Mountain Goat
Ends July 2nd at 6:48 pm (15 days and 19 hours from now)
Breyerfest 2011 # 711134 Ethereal Gold Spun ( Palomino ) Surprise 400 made
Ends June 18th at 2:29 pm (1 day and 14 hours from now)
Breyer Traditional Horse. Breyerfest 2011. Wish on a Star. Used. Good Condition.
Ends July 13th at 10:43 pm (26 days and 23 hours from now)
Ends June 24th at 1:10 pm (7 days and 13 hours from now)

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