BreyerFest 2013 "Surprise" Model: CC Shuffle

For the past several years Breyer has offered a "surprise" model as one of the limited edition special runs. The model is sold wrapped in bubble wrap and an opaque bag, so you don't know what you got until you unwrap it.

This year's special is four different colors on the "Roxy" mold:
#1: Dapple grey with a new braided mane and tail,
#2: Chestnut appaloosa with banded mane and full tail,
#3: Grulla pinto with loose mane and wavy tail,
#4: Grey and white pinto with loose mane and full tail.

There are a total of 2000 models, *probably* 500 in each color, however some are glossy and some are matte. Exact numbers of each are unknown right now.

Here's a pic of them (photo from Model Horse Blab):

To buy one of these models, try searching the Model Horse Sales Pages, or eBay.

CC Shuffle Models on eBay

CC Shuffle 2013 Breyerfest
Ends December 18th at 12:37 pm (10 days and 20 hours from now)
Breyerfest 2013 Special Run CC Shuffle - Chestnut Appaloosa - Live Show Proven
Ends December 17th at 9:34 am (9 days and 17 hours from now)
Breyer CC Shuffle Matte Blue Roan Breyerfest 2013
Ends December 22nd at 12:23 pm (14 days and 20 hours from now)
USED Breyer Traditional Breyerfest 2013 Special Run Model “CC Shuffle” Roxy Mold
Ends December 27th at 2:31 pm (19 days and 22 hours from now)
Breyer Horse Cc Shuffle Breyerfest 2013 SR
Ends December 10th at 1:31 pm (2 days and 21 hours from now)

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