NAN Auction Lots, p 1

These aren't in any particular lot order.
The Ultimate Performance Package, with Lynn Fraley's "Sovran" resin, painted by Tom Bainbridge; set includes a black Western saddle set by Susan Taylor, and English saddle set by Sue Rowe, cross-country starting box and Dutch windmill stadium jump by Polly Cleveland, and a pair of splint boots by Christie Partee. Sold for $1000.

Mini English Performance Package - SM warmblood by D'arry Jone Frank; hunter show fence (also by D'arry), and an english tack set by Wendy Galbreath. Sold for $500.

English Performance Package - LB "Gremlin" stock horse resin by Lisa Rivera; English saddle set by Elaine Sulser; flowery mailbox by Wendy Galbreath; white trail gate and dressage rail set by Barb Ness. Sold for $500.

Monrovia HR Mini Percheron in harness. Sold for $75.

"Marty" resin Gypsy Cob by Wendy Galbreath. Sold for $350.

"Extreme Justice" jumper resin by Sommer Prosser. Sold for $900.

China horsehead by Laurie Jensen. Sold for $200.

Breyer test color Huckleberry Bey, in glossy black with white forefoot and white stripe. Sold for $800.

Farad'n Arabian resin by Karen Gerhardt. Sold for $700.

Peter Stone Clydesdale test color, painted by Tom Bainbridge. Sold for $575.

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