NAN Auction Lots, p 2

These aren't in any particular lot order.
HR "Ferseyn" Arabian Stallion, sold for $600.

Ed Bogucki's new "Dreamcatcher" resin, sold for $625.

Kathi Bogucki's new "Dozen Roses" resin, sold for $500.

Lynn Fraley "Koko" and "Genie" draft horse mare and foal resin set, sold for $1600.

Peter Stone Western Perf. horse test color, painted by Tom Bainbridge, sold for $375.

Forever Ali resin, cm'ed by Sarah Minkiewicz. Sold for $2000.

Rosenthal foal, donated by Tom Bainbridge. Sold for $1800.

Kalendar Prince, cm'ed by Carlee Balling. Sold for $500.

Newborn Saddlebred foal by Chris Jolly. Sold for $775.

"Galante" resin by Linda York.

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