Breyerfest History

Breyerfest began in 1990. Here are the various models that were offered each year (to the best of my knowledge). I didn't start recording the info on tent special and auction horses til fairly late, so the info isn't complete. More complete information can be found on the ID Your Breyer site.

Some definitions:

Year Dinner Model Raffle Model(s) Judge's Special Tent Specials Auction Horses
1990Dr. Peaches
Med. Bay Phar Lap
Gold Florentine Mistyn/a
1991Mustang Lady
Grey Roan Indian Pony
Gold Charm Trad Manowar
Gold Florentine Legionario
Wedgewood Blue Sham
Copenhagen Blue San Domingo
Palomino Mustang
Buckskin QH Yearlingn/a
1993Grayingham Lucky Lad
Blk/Whi Clyde Stalln
Grulla HoboSilver Filigree PAM
1994Bright Zip
Chestnut Appy San Domingo
Gloss Charcoal Buckshot
Old Red Roan Indian Pony
Palomino Pinto Adios
Gloss Grey Appy Jumper
Palomino Lady Phase
1996Tseminole Wind
Bay Pinto Sham
Wedgewood Blue Aristocrat
Black Dapple Mustang
Palomino Stud Spider
Red Road Balking Mule
Chestnut NSH
Copenhagen Blue Big Ben Gold and white pinto Fighting Stallion Auction Pictures / results
Bay "Big Ben" mold
Glossy Gold Charm Pinto San Domingo
Chestnut Leopard Appy "Zippo Pine Bar" Tiki - dark glossy bay pinto morgan mare
Oreo - black and white hog
Flint - red roan Spanish fighting bull
Auction horses
2000Leah's Fancy Chick
Buckskin Pinto Lady Phase
Stretch Morgan in Old Style Glossy Dapple Grey
?? Auction horses
2001Atlantis Bey
Chestnut "Huck Bey" mold
New Wixom mold in glossy bay
?? Auction horses
2002Peruvian Paso (new mold), bay ? ? Auction horses
2003Gladwin Lucky Grey Lady
Semi-gloss white/grey Clydesdale mare
Friday: Silver (filigree) Dapple Proad Arab Foal
Saturday: Silver (filigree) Dapple Proud Arab Stallion
Sunday: Grulla/pinto Saddlebred
Judges: Glossy Charcoal Lonesome Glory
Champions: Largo - glossy black/grey Wixom
Reserve Grand: Allegro - glossy dun pinto Silver
Grand Champ: S'Wonderful - semi-gloss silver dapple pinto Silver
Duke - glossy brown & white boxer model
Mod Squad - bright colored keychains
Porcelain Mini Seabiscuit
Strawberry Fields - old style red roan "Silver"
Sgt. Pepper - black and white gloss dapple "Big Ben"